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Englands World Cup 2014 Draw

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With the World Cup draw rapidly approaching we take a look at the key details that will affect who England will face in Brazil.

Michael Regan

After securing qualification and topping the group the Three Lions are able to look forward to the World Cup draw that will take place on December 6th 2013.

The draw will be in the North East of the country in Bahia where Sepp Blatter and his team will hopefully give England the draw we want.

The eight seeded teams, which doesn't include England, contain some of the Worlds best teams with maybe the exception of Switzerland. The seeding system is based on the World rankings as of October 17th. We all know what the FIFA rankings mean in the real world but it's fair to say most of the seeded teams are very strong.

The pots for the World Cup Draw look like this:

POT 1 (Seeds): Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Colombia, Uruguay/N’lands

POT 2 (Concacaf/Oceania): USA, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico/NZ, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Australia

POT 3 (Caf/Conmebol): Ghana/Egypt, Nigeria/ Ethiopia, Burkina Faso/Algeria, Ivory Coast/Senegal, Tunisia/Cameroon, Chile , Ecuador, (and lowest ranked UEFA qualifier)

POT 4 (Uefa): Netherlands, Italy, England, Russia, Bosnia + the three highest-ranked play-off winners.

From this you can start to pick who you would want to face. From the qualifiers available I would quite fancy an England group featuring:

Burkino Faso

Let us know below who would be in your preferred world cup group for England.