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FA Chairman Greg Dyke Responds To Criticism

Following the announcement of the FA commission, chairman Greg Dyke has come under fierce criticism for a lack of diversity, finally he responds.


The BBC have confirmed that Greg Dyje admits it was a mistake to announce the commission before all members were chosen:

Heather Rabbatts, the FA's only female board member, criticised the group's all-white, all-male make-up.

Dyke admitted a mistake in announcing only part of the line-up.

But he added: "To suggest we never considered the ethnic balance of the commission is unfair."

Dyke also confirmed that he is keen to recruit black and ethnic members to ensure more diversity. The commission, founded to help ensure the future success of the English football team has come under heavy criticism by several commentators for it's confirmed line-up.

Stan Collymore, Gary Linekar and Sol Campbell have all criticised the commission. It will be interesting to see who makes the cut for the commission after this criticism. Dyke has said in the past that he would like the commission to be made up of 10 members or less.