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England Managerial Job Is "Horrible"- Sir Alex

The position of England Football Manager has been described as horrible by one of the most if not the most accomplished Manager of all time.

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Alex Livesey

We knew it wasn't a picnic, but come on Alex it's not that bad. Speaking to the Telegraph this morning, Sir Alex described the England job as horrible and said he's only just started to pay attention to the press attention:

"I don't think the England job is a good one. I think it's a horrible job.

Managers have tried different ways of managing the press. Some have tried to curry favour with some and not others.

"But because England haven't won the World Cup since 1966 they're all going up the same alley. Unless you win, it's a hard job."

It's certainly not a walk in the park, the pressure of expectation is immense and one word out of line and it's making the front pages of all the trashy tabloids, something that Roy Hodgson knows all too well this week.

However it's a job that is cruel when you lose, but if you win, then immortality is yours. This country is praying, and dying for some kind of success on the football pitch. It's nice winning the ASHES, it's nice winning the World Cup and yes it's great to have a British Wimbledon champion, but all the celebrations of those victories combined would not scratch the surface of how potty this country would go if we managed to bring home the World Cup next summer.

"I probably never bothered about seeing how the press portrayed England for international games. I knew the manager's job was a nightmare.

"Now, I scan papers more than I did in 20-odd years. I was interested in reading all the things about Roy Hodgson and the game in Ukraine, the angles they take.

"Some are pro, some are against, some are middle of the road. Roy's reaction was interesting. Roy's a manager of great experience. Gary always comes across with wee throwaway lines. I was surprised Roy got himself annoyed with that."

Every single manager is going to get criticism in this country, whether it's in the local papers, the national papers, talk sport radio, radio five live or soccer Saturday. You do need to learn how to deal with the pressure that comes along with the job, and the salary. I don't think it's a horrible job, it's only a horrible job if you have thin skin and let every negative nancy get to you.