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Commission Make-Up Announced By FA

The commission that has been tasked with improving the fortunes of the England football team, now has a few familiar faces.


The FA has set up a commission to investigate and report their findings on ways to improve the set-up, development and opportunists provided to English players in an effort to improve the fortunes of the England Football team.

FA chairman Greg Dyke announced that the commission would be made up of the following people:

Roger Burden - Vice-chairman of the Football Association (FA)

Howard Wilkinson - League Managers Association Chairman (LMA)

Ritchie Humphreys - Professional Footballers Association Chairman (PFA)

Greg Clarke - Football League Chairman (FL)

Glenn Hoddle - Former England Manager

Dario Gradi - Crew Alexander Director Of Football

Danny Mills - Fomer England Defender

So this is the crack team with whom the future of English football rests. Anthony Fry, chairman of the Barclays Premier League was offered a place on the commission, however declined the opportunity. I don't find this surprising considering Glenn Hoddle has already spoken of his desire to see a quota system implemented in the Premier League to ensure access is given to emerging England talent.

However the Premier League have assured the commission that they will provide help and support and the commission will have access to data and statistics as well as research held by the offices of the Premier League.

It will be interesting to hear the conclusion of the committee, but if you are expecting it any-time soon, think again! The commission is set to come back together in March 2014.